Having Been Human
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Thu Oct 25 23:24:24 2012
Uneven morals

Had an interesting evening; swung by TeaLounge where the owner has made another winner of a decision: mounting a TV up on the wall. It's not big enough to be helpful, it makes the place more tacky, and there's no way to arrange reasonable sound. Oh well. Steven was mounting it. Wondering how long it'll stay up.

Afterwards swung by some guy I don't know's place (Gustavo knows him and has been trying to broker contact between me and his libertarian/futurist group using any excuse he can get) to help him with his computer. He had a pretty nice setup (well, the computer; the apartment was highly disgusting), and the computer was failing to boot except in safe mode, reportedly usually hanging right in the Windows boot stage after the intro screen. My first guess was that it was a video driver issue. Updated the video driver. Problem went away. Done. Chatted politics with him for awhile afterwards; our differences disturbed him; I didn't expect to convince a libertarian to my POV, which is good, but I explained my socialism pretty well, perhaps surprising him because I've thought a lot about competition and incentives within a socialist system. It eventually got late; I rushed out and hopped a train to Union Square.

After a quick stop in Union Square itself to boot my laptop and tell the event management system to text my phone the ticket image, I made it to the theatre barely in time for Birdemic. There was another Norman short in front, which felt egregiously painful until the movie started, which was .. well, far worse. Birdemic is worse than Manos; still moderately better than Red Zone Cuba, but I can't name any other films in that gap. The main character was loathsome, walked and talked like he has moderate autism, other dialogue was not much better, there was no character development, excruciating amounts of filler (mostly entirely mundane footage of driving cars, sometimes from inside the car at nauseating angles), and the plot really did not make sense. The movie also had little speeches near the end that seemed to be beating down an insane version of environmentalism. Although... and this is a big although, the special effects were so badly done that they were charming.

On the way home, waiting for the train in UnionSq, there was an amazing pair of musicians performing; I found myself reaching for my wallet and was sad not to find any suitable denomination bills; the singer seemed like she should go pro, and the accompanying guy on trombone sounded like he already was. Great stuff!

Wrapping up the evening with some packing; tomorrow's red-eye bus to Boston won't be fun to catch, but hopefully the visit will go well.

Oh, also amused to have poked at both Genderbitch and Crommunist recently on Twitter (well, I guess Genderbitch poked at me for a comment I made ages ago that she finally found); in my mind the subsequent dialogue showed why both of them are a bit nutty, but I suspect they don't see things the same way, or they wouldn't be so somehow proud of how they conducted themselves. I suspect the people who buy into the cultural rot I've been criticising will see their side; I hope that, just like the number of people who've given me a private "right on" for pointing out ZacharySpark's asshattery, the more levelheaded people who still are on the right side of the issues will judge things as I do. Frustrating to have people like that to apologise for/disown/condemn when trying to sell the right causes to mainstream folk. Oh well.

Packing. Right. And then probably right to bed so I can be at the MegaBus pickup by 6am. Ugh.