Having Been Human
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Fri Oct 26 04:53:56 2012
Off to Boston

About to head to Boston, a city I love as much as NYC, but in different ways. Final packing, as I listen to Dar Williams' 「This Is Not the House That Pain Built」.

Laughing a bit more at yesterday; giving because of my socialist ethics to someone whom I don't think would likely freely give because of his libertarian ethics. The relevant bit, 「From Each, To Each」 (according to his ability, according to his need) is rough and highly nuanced, but like the golden rule for some people, it is foundational. Even for people I really dislike, it would take crossing certain really stark lines before I would not help them in basic/safety needs; we have obligations to our fellow humans. There may be some choice for less essential needs, but I see it as part of virtue that we at least be inclined to help if the cost to us is low, the need is reasonable and healthy, we don't have to give up something of our integrity to help, and a laundry list of qualifiers. In my view, you should be reasonably willing to do that even for people you're not thrilled with.

Last night's Whole Foods after-movie dinner sits well with me. Wishing it had been cheaper, but their buffet is usually so tasty. With any luck I'll be jobbed soon and won't be so pennypinching for the future.

Learning a lot more about WLAN stuff than I ever wanted to know in helping Steve with a project. OpenWRT is kinda cool, at least.

Still kinda weirded out from meeting Gustavo's friend. Probably best not to go into details in public.

Very happy for Eric and Lena for having found each other. Mazel Tov!

And now it's time to catch a train to a bus to probably a tram to probably 1369 Coffeeshop.