Having Been Human
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Fri Oct 26 06:44:13 2012

Left my apartment a bit later than planned; was worried I might miss the bus, particularly with the plans GMaps was givving me for the series of tubes ... err.. trains to take to get to the desolate part of Manhattan MegaBus leaves from. Eventually decided just to take the Q up to 34th and walk the rest of the way; a straight hike west to the river. Made it with plenty of time to spare, although I felt very un-Texan moving at such a brisk pace. Haha.

Thinking a lot about this feeling that it's mostly my role to help and watch other people be happy for as long as I can last. I don't want to resign myself to being alone for the rest of my life, but I just can't seem to make myself comfortable with flirting, and so few people seem suitable anyhow.

Vaguely hungry. Looking forward to breakfast at Beantowne. Not sure if I want to sleep through the trip or work on some writing. I'll probably decide after we leave NYC; the bus is taing me through some parts I rarely have occasion to visit, and that's neat to see. Started writing this at 34th on the west river, now I'm in East Harlem. Wondering if this route will take us through any interesting bits of Bronx. I wish it were easier to shield my laptop from the bumpiness of the ride; lightly worried about the HD.

The trip should be more pleasant than usual because the bus is mostly empty; I have one of those 4-seat clusters to myself. Bus is irritatingly squeaky (window is not sealed right), but admirably free of stink.