Having Been Human
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Sat Oct 27 20:18:22 2012
Boston Safe Harbour

I'm stuck in Boston a bit longer than planned because of the hurricane. Worried that I may have not left enough food for my cats, but it can't be helped. Megabus offered me a redeye the morning after when my trip was supposed to be. Hoping not to inconvenience my sister too much with part of an extra day of stay. Also hoping this bus is not cancelled too, or I'll need to find more urgent means to get home.

Yesterday I arrived at 10am, hung out at 1369 for awhile, grabbed dinner with my sister and her husband, then went to Eric's bachelor party, where there was much alcohol. The dinner was ethiopean, so I decided to eat some meat for the first time in a very long while; the bachelor party was pretty weird. I've never been to one before, and it's hard for me to know if that's how people act at bachelor parties, or if those people always act that way. There were about five of us. Anyhow, after too much alcohol, we left the bar in search of places to play pool, but we realised we were all too drunj and it was getting late, so we parted ways; made it to my sister's place and went to bed. Mildly fun day. Different, certainly.

Today I hung out with my sister and her husband a bit in the morning; shared some internet memes and tried to watch an MST3k I have with me but it was Red Zone Cuba (wish I had brought Puma Man) and that's just too bleak for people not acclimated. Ran up to Western Cambridge/Sommerset to meet with Rebecca (someone I knew at CMU), ate, walked and talked for a bit. Came back to 1369, where on checking my mail I found that the upcoming hurrican led MegaBus to cancel the bus on which I was returning to NYC on Monday; irritating reschedulings around moving that to Tuesday... and catching up on internets and recharging my social batteries. I should be good to return to my sister's place soon.

Tomorrow's the wedding, then separate hangings out with Edie and J. Monday is suddenly a full day here; not sure what I'm going to do with it. Trying to see if I can split the hangings-out into separate days, but weekdays are kinda rough for visitude. Really wishing I had enough academic ties at MIT to get a desk for a day and lunch/snack appointments with interesting people. Oh well.

Generally wishing I could get myself into the mood to work on one of my programming/art/philosophy projects while here. No luck so far, except for the usual blogging and conversations online.

Still generally loving Boston. Reminding myself that not everything is great though; the public transit shuts down a bit after midnight, and all-night places seem rare. Still, it helps to think of this place as, like NYC and Pittsburgh, a place where I must make comprimises between things I want, rather than a perfect place. Everyone looks so intelligent here though. If I could have a job that frequently took me back-and-forth between NYC and Boston, that'd be amazing. I doubt that'd be easy to arrange though.