Having Been Human
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Sun Oct 28 22:45:25 2012
And the Wedding of L and E

Today: Woke up at 8am-ish, went to Whole Foods to pick up the wedding gift, and got a ride from youngest Sister Andrea to the wedding location. It was in a former government office of records, converted into a recreation/cultural center. Before the wedding, I was worried that I'd be mostly standing on my own, but instead I met a retured professor (OSU, possibly somewhere else too) and had a delightful conversation with him on research methods, statistics, and engineering; we talked for about an hour, and then the wedding properly started. Ceremony was beautiful (but outdoors, and the acoustics were not friendly and it was cold). The wind made it hard for some candles to be lit. It was a vaguely jewish-themed secular wedding ceremony; no chuppah, but seven blessings and a broken glass.

Afterwards we went inside; there was a long wait before the proper reception began; I mostly wallflowered, and couldn't eat much as most things had meat, but the wine was decent.

The reception was pretty fun; good food (more veg options), dancing, some music, etc. Eventually people started to wander off, and while it wasn't really over, I felt the need to go; said my goodbyes and wandered out into drizzly rain, gave Edie a call because she wanted to hang out today, but it took awhile to reach her because she left her ringer off.

Eventually she came by and picked me up; we hung out at 1369 for awhile, then went on down to Athan's Bakery; some things were discussed that I'm probably going to be thinking about for some time, touching on things that go back years into when I (and she) lived in Pgh. Largely things that probably don't have a future and never really were but might have been. It probably is a sign of my not being dead inside that some of this hurts a lot. Also, while we were at Athan's she applied for a job there; as she's a chef and currently doing an unpaid internship, this might be a great opportunity for her; hoping it is and that it works out. It got late, we said our goodbyes, and I walked to my sister's.

Found that my replacement MegaBus back to NYC was cancelled; this storm is looking like a bigger and bigger deal the closer it gets. No trains run BOS to NYC soon enough, and certainly no trains; cars are not affordable. Got a Greyhound ticket for an overnight Mon-Tues, hoping it will not be cancelled. Apparently Boston is also partly shutting down tomorrow, so all this is going to be very interesting; I am desparate to get home now because of my cats; very worried that they don't have enough food.

Fates permitting, I'll be hanging out with J a bit tomorrow, and after that there will be greyhound. If that fails I have no idea what I will be doing, but I am willing to explore much higher-cost options to get there faster. Feeling pretty frazzled by this; there are plenty of things in life that just don't matter that much, but the life of pets is not among them.