Having Been Human
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Sun Nov 11 23:23:32 2012
Another past

Survived another terrible, very-long migraine. Frustrating thing is that for awhile during this migraine's peak, I was also in a mood to write philosophy, and only got a few painfully-scribbled notes off rather than actual work on my projects. Still, the notes are enough to hopefully lead me back down those interesting paths when I make it back home. Deeply envious of people who don't get migraines though.

Pretty excited right now about having a clear set of ideas about how to plant a flag for my full compliance theory in the zone that Rawls would call a partial-compliance theory, and how to defend an eclectic philosophy in that zone that can manage what would otherwise be strong commitments in weakened forms. This is particularly important to me because I want to work primarily with Rawlsian style discourse and somewhere reasonably close to his values, but in a more continental/virtue-oriented style, and also compliant with my value-metatheory and valuation of the nature of humanity; avoiding the gravity of his commitments while remaining as close to his work as I want to be takes some justification.

Getting more exposure to LUA in this project. Apart from the common whitespace-is-significant braindamage, it's not a bad language. Neat how clean and well-designed the LuCI web framework is.