Having Been Human
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Sat Nov 17 15:38:03 2012
Cat Mines

Had a sad dream during a nap; that instead of being born of other cats, cats instead came from mines; people chisel cats out of the earth, retrieving them to the surface and sending them to would-be owners. I was working in a cat mine, and hearing them mew from the earth induced in me a near panic to get them free, but my fellow miners explained that they usually were in there for millions of years and they were plentiful far beyond what we could see; we didn't want to exhaust the veins of cat by retrieving them all at once. I didn't like how sometimes the other miners were not careful and a cat was damaged by an inexpert swing of the pick.

Probably the least fun dream involving kittens that I have ever had, although it was pretty great pulling them from the walls and giving them their first hugs.