Having Been Human
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Fri Nov 23 11:40:11 2012

Strange dream last night where I was visiting what I thought was a new apartment that I only kinda-sorta was renting, somehow "to put pressure on my old landlord" (no idea how that works), and it was in a dream version of NYC I conceived when I was much younger; NYC as a set of gigantic building lobbies that are mostly empty, narrow staircases and elevators at each end past the check-in desk that lead up to sparsely populated floors each with their own check-in desks and separate office/apartment rooms. Went up there in the dream, found it to be part-library part absurdly empty offices with each person having the space that 5-6 people might comfortably have, and dewey decimal classifications for areas marked up on the walls. Looked at my keys, they had such a number but I couldn't find the apartment; was approached by a guy who seemed to think I was there to offer hima quote to put more infrastructure in the building, he asked if prices were negotiable, and while I said yes, with different levels of service, and started to actually try to figure what the costs were, I realised I must be in the wrong building or have the address wrong. I kept talking while making things up as I went along, and he mentioned that he expected the company would be sending someone by the name of (some asian name) instead; I said that for some reason he wasn't in the office today, and I was more of a sysadmin-type but occasionally went out when needed. Kept assessing the place while talking with the guy while planning what I'd do if/when the actual contractor showed up, also wondering if I could manage to spin this into employment with wherever I was, as they clearly needed a systems person to manage all of this, but having entered the place on a foundation of lies and confusion would not look good.

Every time the secretary came over to talk with us, I was nervous that the contractor would be there and I'd have to put my half-baked plans for a graceful escape into motion; ideally I'd actually be able to pass the contractor my notes as I left so I wouldn't've wasted the host company's time; less ideally I'd be able to walk out without anyone thinking to stop me until I were long gone, and in the worst case I might be arrested somehow?

Strange dream.

Maybe the element about unfinished buildings was from a cool documentary I saw yesterday about a Chinese construction company that puts together large buildings in about two weeks, using prefab parts. The half library half office building might just be that I often dream about libraries, having been a library aide throughout much of middle/high school and having loved them so much during that time. The job thing is probably just out of a desire for stable employment, and the apartment thing is almost certainly just part of living in NYC.