Having Been Human
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Wed Dec 12 23:13:43 2012
Bricks Make the Castle

Rearranged my computer desk today.


New: Windows desktop under the desk, attached only to Cintiq. Linux laptop to the right of the Cintiq

One of the problems I had with the old setup was that I was not encouraged to use my laptop for work-ish type things at home, because the tub held it at a height only suitable for use while lying down. Another change is that I'm now using the drawing pen as the primary pointing device on the gaming PC. I now will be keeping the OLPC near the bed on that tub for emergency web things, and maybe keeping a full-function computer not-near-the-bed will discourage me from casually using the computer when I'm meaning to go to bed and/or read.

I think a lot of the problems I've been having with being productive and creative boil down to really poor work environment and flailing at getting settled in inadequate outside-the-house places to replace my poor in-the-house place. At least, I hope that's the case. Things are feeling better already though. Hoping that's not just novelty.