Having Been Human
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Fri Dec 14 23:05:56 2012
Sanity of Sanity

Another migraine, missed another social event, hoping it won't be misinterpreted, although there is some complication which might make misinterpretation reasonable.

Managed to get to sleep and dodge much of the pain.

Had a dream about being on Mars on a spacecraft, alone...ish. The spacecraft I was up there on had a number of AIs. Due to changes in mission parameters, the multiyear trip I went there on was delayed by an extra year or two, while I was in some kind of managed sleep, but the AIs had had several years with basically nothing to do but were not turned off for that period, and had all gone a bit peculiar. I had to do quite a lot of fiddling with them to prevent them from being dangerous; some of them I had to reset many times, others I had to turn off parts of their higher function and deal with some of their higher-function tasks myself, and the more of them I shut down, the less they were able to provide me with a pseudosociety designed to keep *me* sane. Eventually had to trick two of them to go wander off the ship forever; once they made it outside I lifted the ship up and sent it implausibly far away for them to make it to me before their bodies wore out; they had ceased to allow me to modify their parameters, which made that needed.

Began to wonder if intelligence requires sets of habits, tasks that it evolved to focus on, in order to avoid going completely off the rails, and wondering how much, as humans, we need the routines of daily life as a kind of mental roughage.

My sleep schedule IRL remains hosed, and I really need to get some income source before I run out of money. So tired of these migraines, although sleeping through most of this one was a definite bonus.