Having Been Human
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Mon Dec 17 04:01:51 2012
Seeing One's Shadow

I've come to focus on some of the sides of myself that I've been denying ; all the superstitions and little mythologies that seem to hide from my angry purveyors of reason. Strange to see them. I wonder if I could actually be rid of them, or if that's important. They play little role in my public discourse or the decisions I make in my life, they just silently add their little meanings to their private retellings of my story, and as creatures that understand ourselves and others and the universe as a while in terms of narratives, stories, frames, ... perhaps they cannot be removed from any human. So long as they remain tame, in the sense of my main judgement remaining clear, my actual understanding of reality remaining untainted, and my discourses supportive of accuracy, I don't see any reason to worry about them; it's not like I see a way to actually remove them anyhow, nor are they a recent introduction. They don't provoke doubt, they're just a small part of the multiplicity within my being.