Having Been Human
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Mon Dec 17 21:57:33 2012
Filtered eyes

Tonight, as I was heading home from Massimo's philosophy meetup, and as I finally entered my stop in Brooklyn, I managed to see and parse Brooklyn as I did when I first moved here, and as I mostly did in early visits before then. I did so for just a moment; the perspective was jarringly different, then it slid back into feeling like home-for-now.

I have trouble enumerating the components of this kind of judgement; there's the warm fuzzies we feel towards a place we love (like Pittsburgh), and then there are other neighbours to that kind of parsing. The things we're excited or curious about, our suppositions, how we fill in the landscape for parts of the city just out of view. The versions of the places I know that appear in that particular kind of dream vary from real life in predictable ways, but they build on the basics of what I'm talking about here. How can I make it precise? The flavour of a city? The "what you dos" and "what you pay attention to"? It's not exactly indefinable or ineffible, just something neither I nor most people have spent much time learning to think or talk about.

I recently have been trying to think about how people grow comfort for alien concepts; learning what frameworks to apply to them, where the sensible lines in the sand in which we plant terms, those take time and effort. It's a very human task, the naming of things. Some have even used it as a basic mythic element.