Having Been Human
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Mon Dec 24 16:44:19 2012
Ancient Mechs

I'm not that generally interested in giant robot anime. It's not that bad, but it's a bit dull and generally combat-oriented; I've come to find fight scenes rather boring.

Last night I had kind of a cool dream; I was talking with some generous person who wanted to somehow reward or gift me, and I was chatting with them in their home (or maybe it was an embassy), and I came across a book from medieval times, oddly made of some kind of paper where the pages were pale blue, and it described means of construction and battle tactics for mechs. Somehow the ancientness and means of writing made it pretty interesting. I paged through it for awhile and tried to offhandedly suggest that it would make a nice gift without being pushy about it. I think I had been refusing other gifts before that.

This was one of those dreams where I knew I was waking up at the end of it, and so I repeated to myself the name of the title in hopes that I was just dimly remembering a real book that I could acquire in real life. I think I managed to bring the title into awakedness but the title was quite unlikely so I didn't even bother doing a google search (which I otherwise generally do when I bring odd things into real life, whether it be the name of a person, a place, a book, or an animal); sometimes I do seem to remember really odd things I've been exposed to in life and have forgotten, but usually it's just something I made up.

On other topics, I have totally screwed up my sleep schedule and presently have trouble falling asleep unless there's some sunlight on my face. That's rather frustrating; it doesn't leave me much overlap with open hours of places I like to visit.