Having Been Human
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Thu Dec 27 23:59:46 2012
Dar al-Dar part 2

Just got back from the Dar Williams concert. When I left, I brought my laptop on the theory that if it ended not-too-late I'd head over to Tea Lounge, which is within mid-walking-distance, but there was a long gap between the opening act and Dar. The opening was a band called The Nields; very granola, composition was just okay, but they were good singers. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to enjoy them that much; by the time things started I was entering a light migraine, which has been with me ever since. The attendees were mostly female, a reasonable subset of them lesbian couples (for Dar and a few other musicians I've liked, this is standard faire for their concerts, although Dar's views on feminism and her sense of humour tend to attract the tolerant/friendly theory-light second-wavers that I get along well with). The venue was pretty great; quite roomy, a large and comfortable bar in the front area, maybe kept a bit cold for my tastes.

Dar sung almost all the songs I hoped to hear; I might've liked to have heard "This is not the house that pain built" or "When Sal's Burned Down", but there isn't enough time to cover everything and I can't expect everyone to share my favourites. I did my best to enjoy myself despite the migraine and mostly succeeded. I noticed that Dar's voice has changed a bit and she's adjusted how she sings her songs a bit.

A good night.