Having Been Human
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Thu Jan 24 00:02:32 2013
Missed Chances

Got in touch with someone neat on OkC; she wanted to get tea, but was very slow in scheduling a time to meet. She eventually said she went on a third date with someone and was pursuing that. Mailed her back, said I was happy for her and good luck.

I would've said that even if I had been terribly disappointed, and she really did look cool, but I think it's been hard for me to get over Kep. Makes me unhappy that I put so much effort and love into that and am not even acknowledged, but such is life. A few weeks ago she did another media post that was very explicit in the nonacknowledgement, and I decided to stop following her because I didn't want to keep sampling the hurt. I hope that's reasonable, although who is to judge? I spend my days surrounded mostly by silence and acquaintances, but even had I close friends here, people don't generally judge every little corner of someone's life, particularly the romantic bits. Barring outrageous behaviour, we all mostly stand back, and applaud if someone manages to make something lasting.

Maybe at some point I'll be over her. It might take the start of a new relationship for that to happen though.