Having Been Human
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Tue Jan 29 22:24:33 2013
Vibrams and Electricity


I've noticed a number of people hugging and occasionally making out in dark corners of TeaL. Makes me wonder what that would be like. I just have this memory of broken relationships and relationships that never quite were. Sigh.

I need to produce a final code sample for this most recent job application at NYU. Trying to figure out what it should be; probably something in Java. Maybe I'll translate one of the code samples I produced sometime back when I was interviewing at Knewton (which I wrote on Perl) into Java.

I'm coming to think that the reasons most people have to move to NYC are probably not the same reasons people stick around here. The practical infinity of coffeeshops and other cultural places is compelling. If TeaL were to close, I would have hundreds of other places I could go; some discovered, many not. At varying distances with varying specific cultural and other content. There's a lot to say for this scale of civilisation; it's culturally redundant. I may decide to travel 4 stops north and walk 4 blocks from there to reach a gigantic teahouse like TeaL where I am known and can comfortably sit for half a day, but I could also head 2 stops south and walk a quarter-block to reach a small teahouse with better soup where I can stay for an hour or so. And so on; I haven't really explored very much because I long ago figured out enough places of each kind that I have all the variety I could need. I sometimes look for more teahouses, but I don't really need any more.

I really need more people, but those are harder to find.