Having Been Human
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Mon Feb 4 01:15:55 2013
Warm Feet

Still surprised that I can walk around in this weather wearing the vibrams. My feet are actually colder with socks and my normal shoes. I can only assume that somehow the vibrams either are amazing at trapping heat (will make summers intersting) or my feet move more and generate more feet the way I walk while wearing them. They're amazingly comfortable.

My Nexus 4 should arrive soon. Will be nice not to be on a dying phone. I should start doing Android development soon.

Stephen stopped by TeaL tonight with his printer, and I printed out flyers for my tutoring thing. Also registered a domain for it. Now I don't have an excuse to wait for getting students anymore. I should put some content up on the site soon.

Hopefully will hear back about the NYU job this week.