Having Been Human
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Sat Feb 9 22:26:48 2013
Failing to Flee

Another migraine. Tried to get too sleep before it got bad, might've got about half an hour of sleep before it woke me back up again. An increasing number of my migraines are positional; they either "want" me upright or prone, and virtually all of them create an avalanche of pain if I rotate my head upwards or downwards to any serious extent.

With this one, if I close my eyes and sit at my computer desk, it's not so bad. Just got out of yet another near-boiling shower which has given me a reprieve from the pain. Has been my second such shower tonight. May need to repeat. So much pain, but if I sit in the right way and keep those eyes shut, it at least hurts less.

Earlier today I made a comment on twitter stressing the importance of occasionally engaging religious folk in debate. A bit weirded out that this was one of those rare tweets of mine that was retweeted a lot; part of this is that it wasn't a particularly profound thing to say (why not one of my more careful statements?), and part of it is that I now have a gut nervousness when people agree with me. Also displeased that among a few new followers I got some clearly objectivist sorts; really bugs me. Tempted to post some things to shake them off.

Wishing this migraine would go away.