Having Been Human
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Wed Feb 20 14:11:33 2013
Time Boat

Last night the power went out in my bedroom/livingroom, which was surprisingly good at getting me to bed at a sensible hour. It came back this morning, but the hot water was absent; I guess there's a manual restart for the heaters in the building? That's a weird thing; the kitchen electricity stayed on, but it was this way through the whole building (I initially assumed it was a fuse). The wiring of the building must be wonky to allow for that.

After the power came back on, I got my stuff together to head out, and used the stove to heat up a lot of water for a pour-shower; it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be (plentiful water meant I didn't need to skimp too much). Afterwards I played on the computer for a bit and the power went out again, this time entirely. The electric company thinks it might be back in 6 hours or so. Sigh.

I have far too many essays almost-done. Very frustrating; I'm hoping to get one out the door today. I also want to write a new one investigating the idea of imperialism; I think the third-wavers, as usual, have got their theory wrong, and we need to carefully examine multiple senses of use of the term, as some are healthy and some are far less so. Hopefully this will help seperate the strands of liberalism in people's minds; I want to make the case for a strand of liberalism that is socialist, proudly anti-political correctness, one for whom all of feminism and anti-racism is ending inappropriate normativities, and one which would not flinch at claims that science (or international socialism) is culturally imperialist; in the sense that we wish to push it on the world, of course it is! In the sense that we think it is a tool to enrich us at the expense of subjugating others, of course it is not! And finally, a liberalism that operates with philosophical integrity that has a joyous diverse people coexisting, cooperating and mocking and engaging with each other in a grand (but fair) battlefield of ideas. It's a grand vision. Not the PC offense-fetishist postmodernist hellhole, nor the traditionalist or capitalist hellholes.

Anyhow, I want to get at least one essay out the door today. If I get time afterwards, I should finish writing that android Zorklike I wanted to write. Hell, maybe I'll even see if I can sell it for a dollar on the Google Play Store.