Having Been Human
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Sun Mar 24 02:15:40 2013
Migraine Info

I've been logging my migraines on Google Calendar, taking extensive notes on what I've eaten recently, if I've had any alcohol before, and so on. The recent 27-hour migraine was pretty inspiring for that.

Bad news.

While there are some things I can still do that instantly trigger migraines, like drinking red wine, otherwise my migraines are very regular. Every 4-5 days. No dietary or sleep influences. 4-8 hours each, generally, with the run-up full of mild queasiness.

This means there are no other triggers I can remove to deal with the problem. So yeah, it'll be good to see a doctor again when I'm insured. Also maybe to check in with a cardiologist about the tachycardia, and to see a dentist, and ... other regular maintenance I haven't been doing since leaving CMU. Sigh.

Oh well, hopefully most of this stuff is fixable.