Having Been Human
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Sun Mar 24 13:56:43 2013
Odd confessions

Strange end to last night's dream. It had a kind of "want to escape from a bunch of different crazy and violent people who I kind of knew" feel, it was set outside over a hilly area with buildings and fences and stuff, guns were involved, there was a pregnant woman terrified of losing her baby, someone had gotten killed earlier (maybe more than one), for some reason the 3rd Doctor Who had been present earlier in the dream (or as a remnant of a different dream-scenario; always hard to tell). Maybe had a bit of the feel of the movie "Clue" except set outside in a much more porous environment somewhat like "Fallout: New Vegas" (which I played recently). Rather than everyone slipping away, we somehow all concluded we needed to know who did the killing(s), so we sat down in a circle and started with a confession of something private. The pregnant woman confessed to her boyfriend (husband? definitely one of the blokes with a gun) that she had had an affair with another specific person of the blokes in the circle. And I was second in line to confess, so I confessed things about my (real-life) depression, and being unsure if that was the kind of confession they wanted (were they supposed to be related in some way to the current situation?), added that I was asleep and this was a dream. They wern't all that happy about that, but confessing it woke me up before too much more conversation on it happened.

I think that "I'm not sure what's expected in this underspecified situation" thing came from a recent situation in the TeaLounge where they presented my tea on a wooden stand thing and I was unsure if I was meant to take it back to the table or not.