Having Been Human
Sun May 19 22:09:27 2013
Context shifts

Spent much of the day trying to remember something where I had a simple grounding fact wrong.

Here's the Denklog that I wrote myself in order to brainstorm:

All this was a few months ago, and now that I'm starting to figure out what my life should look like post-unemployment, I'm making a spreadsheet of things I wanted to do so I can do them.

Problem is, I couldn't remember the music/artist, and a lot of searching of my gmail and regular mail wasn't turning anything up. I kept staring at that Denklog, and a bit of lateral thinking happened; what if it wasn't music? And exploring that eventually led me to remember that it was in fact a webcomic. This particular comic, to be specific.

It's surprising how quickly the full memory came back once that initial miscategorisation was cleared.