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Thu Jul 23 21:53:58 2009
For You

「Almost」 is a cruel word, paired with you. We got you back, but it's not you anymore - your pupils stare at the empty streets with us, a reflection of what the call took from us. A great achievement, but not one that brings us any comfort. We want you back, and maybe reminding you of what we know of you and where we've been since this all began will turn an almost into a success. Prometheus or Orpheus, we will do our best. I have to believe you want this - the you we've known for the last year did not want to pass through nor to be as you are now. Come back to us.

Sun Jul 26 21:10:48 2009
So We All May Be


It's been a little over a year since you woke up in a different world, and a little over a year since we met. You told me you regretted missing the beginning of what we've named 「The Call」. I'm not sure what you would've seen or heard had you not been in a hospital. Would you have gone with your family? Would you have been swayed by the redeemers? Might you have become victim to some of the violence accompanying that period? Instead, you were here to give us strength as many of us were either called or watched the beginning of the end of the great project of civilization. We met in the hospital, joined the Bodhi, served in some of their missions, and eventually we joined the rest of our group. Your recent condition began in a period of self-doubt, or perhaps one of the agents beyond came back for you. One of the researchers in our group managed to track you with one of his devices and bring you physically back to the mortal plane, but you've been empty ever since - blank eyes, no words, doing little more than animal eating and using the restroom. It is my hope that I can remind you who you are by telling you what we know of you - we may not know who you were before, but most of us have been thrust into new lives since the time. Hopefully whatever I and the researchers can manage will bring you back to us.

For now, we're probably safe in Boston - the Call is still moving through the city with people departing, but the Bodhi seem to have a handle on the situation - food, water, and communications are sufficient. I'm glad this didn't happen 20 years ago - it may be a small relief, but I'm sure the old power grid would've failed by now and other utilities would've gone down within days of the event. There's an ongoing effort to retrieve people from smaller, more remote areas - I'm not sure if this is a false optimism - can we really pick up the pieces and move onward when any individual could answer the Call and disappear? Can the issue of fertility be dealt with? Life always gives us new challenges, but right now our challenge is you - you remain the first person we know of to bodily return, and that accomplishment, as nuanced as it is by your conditions and the difficulty in achieving it, has brought an air of hope to the campus. When you wake, a number of us are thinking of leaving the Bodhi and working with the University instead. We'll talk about that when you come back, if you do.