Time Heals All Wounds, And Then Kills the Patient
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Thu Aug 30 17:53:33 2012
Some terms: Toleration, Acceptance, and Validation

This may be a restatement (I don't recall if I've written about this publicly or not)

A trio of terms that I hold to be pretty distinct and important to structure how we think about activism:

I hold that these three statuses, plus the implied 0th status (of intolerance) all should be populated; we should not try to validate everything, accept everything, nor tolerate everything. I hold that some social movements should aim for tolerance (or should only expect solidarity at that level), some should aim for acceptance, and some (maybe) should aim for validation. Sometimes how we rank some group or practice along this scale will impact how we rank some other group or practice. We can't make everyone happy, nor can we coherently try.

I hold that social movements are at their best when they aim for tolerance or acceptance, and that validation (particularly when it comes to theory/framework) is rarely desirable as a goal for activism.