Time Heals All Wounds, And Then Kills the Patient
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Tue Mar 26 16:08:10 2013
Commentary on the Human Rights Campaign

I recently was pointed at a blog post suggesting people reject the Human Rights Campaign, a large social justice organisation that focuses on gender issues.

I generally respect HRW. The organisation has done a lot for tolerance and legal equality over the years, and has been moderately tightly focused on gender-issues and pragmatic on others.

The blogpost lays two claims of interest as to why we should not support HRW:

I'm of mixed feelings about this (and perhaps in a way you won't expect unless you've *really* been paying attention to my positions). This leaves me with mixed feelings on the topic. I'm not keen to throw anyone under the bus when it comes to employment discrimination issues. If this is a matter of tactics and making steady progress, I may accept it (depending on ability to press further) provided there's a commitment to keep advancing on this topic. Still, I actually approve of HRW not being too intersectional; on gender topics I'd prefer as broad a coalition as possible, including those I have substantial disagreements with on many other things (like Log Cabiners, or Trans-activists, or anarchofeminists, or whatever), so long as I can advance the (comparitively narrow) second-wave goals without including too many third-wave ones. Let's avoid specific cross-issue commitments that make that impossible.