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Tue Oct 27 18:53:25 2009
Regarding Secular Humanism and Atheism

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I think you have a deep misunderstanding of what secular humanism is. It is not a simple commitment to seek some notion of the good, it is rather a specific set of philosophies with a creed. This creed is strongly based on American political conceptions of society.

Please see here for their creed: here

I, for example, am an atheist, I have rejected secular humanism because I don't agree with everything in their creed, and yet I do have strong ideas about the public good. I have my own creed.

I don't think you should identify Secular Humanism as being the single philosophy that could be described as Atheist that tries for ethics, nor that all one needs to be one is to try to live an ethical life.

Fri Nov 6 15:55:28 2009
Israel-Palestinian peace and focus

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Manipulating Israel and their Arab cousins into peace will not take the shape of an alliance with one and conquest of the other. Not all Israelis are the same, and not all Arabs are the same - the sidelining of hawks and sacrifice of the most jingoist elements of each ("all of this is mine and if you're not with me all the way you're anti-me") must happen.

We should not hate Arabs or Israelis, but we should reject and marginalise those who stand in the way of peace (or substitute "I win it all" for peace). Sometimes it's a terrible injustice to stand beside someone no matter what they do. What kind of a world is it where some Jewish or Palestinian leaders can say "restore greater Israel" or "give us all of Palestine back", dooming future generations to continued tension and violence with their approval of every sneaky tactic towards that end (endless expansion of settlements and destruction of crops, continued violence and threats of invasion)?

Tue Feb 23 15:42:11 2010
OkC - On Patriotism and Partisianship

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Wed Aug 4 14:16:15 2010
Slashdot grammar and line spacing

From: here, a discussion on whether two spaces after a period or one space is appropriate...

Thu Oct 7 12:42:42 2010
National Day of Prayer - Pearce

In reply to: Steve Pearce, complaining about church-state seperation:

I'm not sure what rights you're referring to. You have the right as individuals to pray. I can't say I'm the typical atheist (probably because there is no typical atheist), but I don't want to take away your right to pray. What you're conflating is the right to have the state sponsor your prayer with your right to pray. You never had the first, and I don't think you'll find people trying to take away the second.

For what it's worth, the pledge of allegiance, written by a Christian Socialist in 1892, is "I pledge allegiance to my flag and the republic for which it stands: one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all."

If you're so worried about your rights, tell us exactly which rights you feel are being stripped away. Wave your own flag - don't expect the state, which is a government of more than just Christians, more than just those of Abrahamic faiths, to wave it for you.

Sun Nov 11 17:29:50 2012
Hey liberals

In response to this:

I find the most amusing bit to be that "Worst sin" line; the "confidence" subclause is inaccurate, and the sense of smugness the author perceives seems to be dismay on his part that it has achieved enough coherency of perspective to analyse and try to improve the world by its own values.

I have no idea what a healthy culture (or cultural faction) would look like that has listened to and tried to improve itself by his criticism. Isn't the conservative side of America often derided for its "sense of smugness and superiority"? Isn't that the same criticism that it would also use against any other culture that speaks for its values?

If a set of values that are distant to your own seem to be healthy and perhaps ascendant, it's pretty reasonable to try, consciously or not, to introduce decay into that society or subculture in the hopes that the dice will be rolled again and maybe something closer to you will be rolled up next time (particularly ugly as an idea if you believe your ideals have some kind of natural appeal and other ideals don't). Reasonable at least strategically, that is. This article doesn't look as much like an argument for anything specific as an attempt to introduce that kind of decay.