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Sun Dec 10 00:17:38 2006
New Pad

Date: 11:32-53:2613 Hello,

My name is Isa, and this is my new Pad, a baseline 3314. My old Pad (heavily-modified 3001) was wrecked in an Accident, and I decided to start mostly anew on the new One. Like with before, I'll post some Entry - Apology if I reiterate initially. I'm from Tarsa-on-Rhein, a small Town most known for Mustard. I'm at Eras-Uni, in my first Year, and have not yet decided on my Foci. Like my Family, I'm with the 11th - my Father and Mother crossed from the 10th shortly before I was born.

This is the first chance I had to load the Pad - the old One died on 51st, and I didn't order the 3314 until Midday on 52nd. It felt like Forever, and I had to use my old 2950 to take Note in Class Yesterday (which obviously did not work for Equation). After Class today, I'm heading to a Plugcentre to hang out with Nana for a bit. I'll write more then -- I still have a lot of Stuff to configure on this Thing, and I don't want Nana to laugh at me.

Today for lunch, I'm having branded Willow with Uwe (and possibly Belle). I've slotted extra Time for it because Uwe has never had a Cellin Meal before -- I'll probably be talking more than eating.