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Sun Dec 10 00:17:45 2006
Nana and Tenchyo

Date: 19:32-53:2613

Sometimes I don't understand my Friend. After helping in Cafeteria (mostly cleaning up), I went to the Plugcentre (later than I meant to), and had to wait anyhow because Nana was helping someone replace some equipment in their arm. I get along pretty well with Nana - my Family have never been much for traditional Living, and still sometime argue about it in Council, but sometime seeing Grey modding makes me feel ill. I sat in a Corner for a bit and played with the 3314 (Plugcentre always have fast Net connection), and then Nana came over and we went out for a walk. Grey usually don't vie for good Land - as they say, most of the time they don't live in this World anyhow, but near Eras they have a Forest and some Farmland, and Isa and I like to head out there to sketch. No matter how many time I see it, it's amazing to see her draw on her Pad without Stylus or Keypad - I know she doesn't need her Pad (it doesn't have any normal Input) - that it's just there to show Thing to me, but it's like Magic to see Grey in their Element.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the Forest - partway there, Nana got a distant look in her Eye and started talking slower, and then told me that Security called about me. The Grey normally have no Problem with my being in their FactionSpace - it's by Nana's invitation, and unlike the 7th or the Rescs, they don't care much about Boundary (or Land). When the 10th was still around, according to my Family, they had connections to some Subfaction in the Grey promoting electronic Socialism, and closely collaborated on that Front, sharing Resource and Information more closely than any existing Faction. Those Time are past, but by Family or Friend, my guest Pass has never needed Renewal. I sometimes wonder if my old Ancestry (I think Nana has some Japanese Ancestry too) has something to do with why we get along so well. Heading back to the Gateway, we saw the beginning of a beautiful Sunset, regretting the lack of Draw Stroke defining and encouraging it.

My cousin Tenchyo, the crazy Artist in my Family, was there in the Waiting Room - he somehow found out I was here and tried to enter Grey Lands to ruin my time with Nana. Naturally, they didn't let him in, and he was livid, sitting there in the waiting room. When Nana and I came near, he pulled a half-finished canvas Painting from his Bag, a horrid Caricature of Nana reaching from a Coffin, offering her electronic Arm to the Viewer, Viewer's Arm offering her Coin. Nana's eyes widened, Light flickered, and a water Sprinkler above Tenchyo turned on, covering him and the Painting. Predictably, he advanced on her in a Rage, and I had to stand between, listening to their political Argument. Tenchyo and his close Family (I'm a Cousin) were firmly in the 11th and instrumental in the Divide, and we've never agreed on matters of Technology or the Grey. Eventually, Nana exploded, shouting "That's the Problem with you Marxists - your love of Leisure and Tradition keeps you in Plato's Cave". Tenchyo shrugged at me, smiling, as if he had won a point. I hate it when Tenchyo and Nana argue - they always say Something horrible, and I need time away from both of them. I mouthed to Nana, "See You Later", and head back into our faction Land, leaving the other Two behind to shout or whatever.

Tenchyo caught up with me on my way Home, and after some nudging, eventually understood that I didn't want to talk to him. I'm probably going to make Lo Mein Tonight, and then turn in early. I sometimes wish I had normal Friend and Family..