The People's Republic of Larnesia
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Mon Jul 18 00:41:06 2005

This BLOG is part of an experimental amusement -- firstly, to explore the creative potentials within the Nationstates game, and secondly to help me develop my BLOG software, POUND. Nationstates, in case you haven't checked it out, lets you name a government and fill in trivial information about it. You then are fed a stream of issues (up to two a day), where you choose what direction your government will go, and it tweaks the UN and general description of your government to suit (e.g. you may become classified as a Scandanavian Liberal Paradise instead of a Capitalizt if you answer questions in a way that leans you towards a particular flavour of democratic socialism). It does more -- it has forums, UN programmes, and the like, but I don't tend to get involved with that. Instead, I'm going to use this as a career BLOG from the current head of state for my government, Larnesia. Larnesia is presently ruled by a government styling itself the People's Republic of Larnesia. The head of state will likely change every so often, and the style might change too. Note that most of this will only be somewhat inspired by nationstates.