The People's Republic of Larnesia
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Mon Jul 18 01:24:10 2005
History Lesson

Comrades, others,

The People's Republic of Larnesia is a young nation, declared 16 years ago in opposition to the Federation of Larnesia, with victory over Federal Larnesia ten years ago and the establishment of normal government practice having concluded earlier this year. Ours is a transitional government, to manage the nation and the establishment of socialist society, chartered for 40 years. Our tasks are enormous -- the war and defeat of the bourgeois has left us with much destroyed industry and the flight of over 40 percent of our citizens. Those that remain have a lot to learn, as do we, as we attempt to fall neither to the tragic fate of Stalinism nor the folly of Gorbechov. For now, we have sealed the borders to our country to keep capitalist-funded insurgents from destabilising our new government.

==Government== Our lower house is responsible for legislation regarding aspects of government that are not related to the socialist programme, e.g. interpersonal disputes. Our upper house is responsible for the programme itself, handling economic, labour relations, and similar laws. The lower house is already operating in accordance to the three rules of communism -- members are elected by the people, are recallable at a moment's notice by the people, and members gain no special privileges for being in parliament. Laws passed by the lower house need the approval of the upper house to be enacted. Members presently are faced with the task of politically educating themselves, with the end goal being the education of all interested members of society so they may, with more ease, be effective in parliament. Presently, the lower house is working on a new basic law to replace the transitional basic law that we adopted from China. The upper house operates according to the last rule of communism, with the hope that as the next generation comes into maturity, they will be willing and ready to shoulder the task of steering the revolution. At that point, the upper and lower houses are expected to merge. For now, the upper house is composed of a body of people that are the result of many compromises between the heads of the Red Army (who are tied to the government through the Upper House), the labour unions, and the cooperating universities, all of whom made the revolution happen. The upper house is, unfortunately for what is by some accounts the heart of our government, not well organised, with rules to admit new members not yet in place, and even rules for new legislature not clear.

==Military== The Red Army suffered terrible losses against the White Army (a nickname we gave them as much a nod to history as for their support of the suits), but with their utter defeat (and perhaps overzealous extermination), the country is safe. Being on an island, we need not fear much for a land-based invasion, and so to a large extent our need for a standing military is small. While a number of Trotskyists within our society feel that the army still must serve a very active role in bringing about revolution in our neighbours, the time for that seems to be, by general consensus, to be a ways off, as our nation cannot presently afford an invasion of our larger neighbours.

==As for me== I am Cyrus Grey, acting Chairman of the Upper House of the People's Republic of Larnesia. Until a year before the revolution, I was a professor of economics and political philosophy at the University of Palia. I am 38 years old, I live alone with my dog (my wife Nancy having died 6 years ago) in the capitol city of Larnapolous. I decided to publish this BLOG as our (initially sole) communication with the outside world, to document our successes (and failures) as we attempt to build our new society. If we succeed, we will aid in the liberation of the peoples of the world, exchange people, and send advisors all over the world. If we fail, perhaps the information I and my successors pass along will let others know what not to do.