The People's Republic of Larnesia
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Fri Jul 22 13:22:04 2005
Chipa Advocacy

I managed to gather consensus for Toshov to be tried by a special court in the Red Army. In the meantime, she's recovered and is now held in a prison (whose location I cannot reveal for reasons of national security). Actually, that is bothersome -- we begin the revolution with a determination to build a more open society, and we need to ensure that this goal is not forgotten in the morass of other concerns. At next session, I'll form a committee to discuss the issue and determine a framework by which the ability to have nonpublic information can be monitored. In the end, information handled by the lower house is all eventually likely to become public, as people rotate in and out of positions. For the upper house, the hope is that eventually little or no private information will be needed, especially as we work to remove capitalist brainwashing and build an educated citizenry.

On to the topic, there's a remote town on the eastern part of the island which is having a problem with "wild" Chipas. According to Federation records, Chipas were introduced to our country by travelling circuses, and about 20 years ago, some of them managed to pick the locks on their cages and escape. During the chaos of the revolution, efforts to track them fell astray, and they have built a small colony in the forests. About a month ago, they have started to wander into town, causing mischief, stealing things, and causing disruption. According to some reports, they've managed to keep some of their circus training into the next generation, playing musical instruments and dancing. The Lower House has declined to move the matter to a committee, instead handling it using the entire house, having recently been controlled by pro-ecological ideologies that feed off of the anger of the people at the ecological destruction the Federation brought. They have delayed their work on basic law recently by focusing instead on a wide variety of such issues, which is frustrating because it effectively cripples the government. Some Upper House members are beginning to call for us to write the basic law rather than leaving it to the Lower House. I feel this is a bad idea, because the people are more likely to be willing to suffer laws that they write than ones that we do, as there is the feeling that everything we do, as an unelected body, is imposed.

A fellow academic, Hapburn, is putting together a package for reform of primary schools. I haven't had time to look at it, but she promises that it provides a way to deal with apathy of schoolteachers. It sounds interesting, although I sometimes wonder if Comrade Leninovich (currently in the Red Army executive council) is correct in his criticism that most of the academics in the government have little interest in affairs outside of Academia.

Some researchers from the University of East Albria have reportedly determined that Chipas are capable of and practicing written and spoken language when they believe people are not around. It remains to be seen if this is a trick that the circus folk taught them or meaningful communication -- if it is, it may have interesting ramifications for us as a species, even if the Chipas arn't entirely natural.