The People's Republic of Larnesia
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Mon Aug 1 16:33:29 2005
Closed Gates

The issue with regards to the outside world continues to be a constant pressure -- recently a number of rafts, purporting to be refugees, have approached our island, only to be warned off with canon fire. They withdrew, but the people are not happy about it. Until a consensus can be reached in the upper house on if and how to permit contact with outside nations, we'll be operating under the Red Army's provisional bar of contact with the outside world. It is, at the least, disenheartening to be going so directly against the will of the people. We have been discussing opening up a strictly governmental-level exchange with Venezuela and East Nicaragua which may eventually lead to trade of goods.

Recently, along with the pro-environmental laws that have been enacted by our transitional government, our basic law has rapidly taken form. Our courts now have judges, and are set to be phased in over the next few months, replacing the mix of legal options that have been applied since the revolution was completed. I would like to note, comrades, that you should not delay your current legal cases in anticipation of the new courts, as the new courts will not accept most cases over matters regarding things within a small window of when they start, in order to avoid backlog. Note also that, as our legal traditions are changing, there is no guarantee that the matters you are involved in will retain the same legal status in the new way.

One unfortunate issue that has been affecting me politically is the issue of certain civil liberties that the lower house has taken to grant people that I think are destructive to society as a whole. Several months ago, a number of sexual deviants prevailed on the Lower House to remove public decency laws from our transitional system, making it likely that the people will never include such protections for society in our legal system. I made a speech in Palia on Wednesday and in Ha'Vira last Monday speaking about the dangers that this, and several other distractions have in producing a healthy society. Comrades, if interested please come to the forum scheduled next Tuesday in Albria (18:50, Hamber University, Tulson Auditorium). Some of my critics have accused me of holding my position as a result of my Greek Orthodox upbringing, but I intend to show that my reasoning is sound and unrelated to religion, which I feel I have adequately shown that I am untained by.

On a more personal note, I will be playing at the Jazz festival tomorrow night in Palia. May everyone have a happy festival.