The People's Republic of Larnesia
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Thu Aug 18 21:08:08 2005
Old Shoes for a New Body

Provost Hapburn here..

I've been elected from within the Upper House to replace Cyrus Grey as Chairman of the Upper House, as the Lower House has opted to censure him over some very offensive things and support for a double standard between straight and homosexual people with regards to public displays of affection. Although the Upper House has no, constitutionally speaking, obligation to honour actions or requests from the Lower House, the public censure, the condemnation of the provost of UPalia, and the feeling of most of the Upper House on the matter led to a vote of no confidence and the election of a new head, namely me. Before the revolution, I was Provost of UClara. During the revolution, I was responsible for mobilising the students and resources of the University to support the Red Army.

I've been active in the Security Comittee conferring with Leninovich and Maria on inviting members of the Sandanista government to visit our country next year. I am relatively confident something will be worked out.

From how it looks, the Lower House is stabilising again after a period of rapid turnover. I understand that a number of people wanted to take a try at government, and after being elected, most of them found it quite dull. This is to be expected -- while it was fairly disruptive when it comes to getting work done because the turnover happened all at once (prompted by a comment on former Lower Councilman Sandra's blog article on governance two months ago), it was probably a good thing because it fosters trust and understanding by people of what the Houses do. Hapburn's School of Public Policy is near approval, and will in the future serve to help prepare interested people for involvement in Larnesian Parliament or City/Regional councils.

Note that next month, the Public Network stations will be attached into the new Goods Request System (GRS), which will help us update allocations of production for society. Two weeks from next friday, you will all be released from work at noon to spend the second half of the day for training on GRS as well as the updated phone system, EsTel, which we'll be rolling out over the next six months. We anticipate setting aside half of every other friday as some kind of a public or individual training time.

That's all...