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Thu Feb 1 13:39:11 2007
Roses vs. Potatoes

I'm not much one for cut flowers. Having a discussion with a friend about the virtues of roses combined with chat about dinner inspired him to send me this bit about the virtues of potatoes over roses.

I should add that potatoes taste better than roses.

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Sat Feb 10 14:05:31 2007
Lost My Heart

Weekend America has a piece about a lost heart that really spoke to me. If I post a sign on a telephone pole, what will happen to my heart? Will someone help me fix it?

My good news is that for the first time in my life, an admirer sent a very beautiful bouquet of flowers to my office. This person sneaked flowers into my life for Valentine's Day last year, too, but I didn't find them until a few weeks had passed. They're in a rather public place and they're still there. Perhaps you've stopped to smell them.

I left the bouquet of dark purple and yellow irises, cala lilies, white lilies, yellow-orange roses tinged with red, yellow and pink tulips, and a few mystery flowers (Some kind of large hyacinth? Is the other a type of hydrangea?) on my desk yesterday since I have to work through the weekend. They're absolutely gorgeous and will brighten my last days in this space. Their aromas fill my office. The circumstances surrounding the flowers are rather humorous, but I'm not going to relate them right now.

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