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Sun Oct 15 01:12:05 2006
Music Soothes

Today on Weekend America, they aired a piece about their guest host taking up the piano again as an adult after many years away from it. I realized in a few weeks, I will visit my family's piano for the first time in about four years. Why I hadn't connected that to my trip earlier, I'm not sure. I've been really happy ever since I realized I'll be visiting it. I grew up with that piano in the house and I've missed it ever since my Dad got custody of it after the divorce. (It is, technically, his piano as it comes from his side of the family.) Listening to the Weekend America segment settled a few things in my mind. Instead of unpacking more boxes and organizing bits with higher priorities, I set up the keyboard tonight--not an easy task, since it involved moving about twenty boxes and a bookcase, finding the screws for the stand, and figuring out how it all went back together. (Note to self: Self, the cross-support is pretty important. Don't try to use the keyboard without it again.) I played until I lost track of time. Was it 90 minutes? 2 hours? It was fun and worth it and I feel like I shed a few pounds of stress during it all. I need to practice quite a bit before touching the real keys.

The last time I played I was among friends at a conference. We took turns. I couldn't remember anything to play from memory, so the next day, I brought music along. One friend in particular insisted on listening to me play. Next time I play for him, maybe I'll be a smidge better.

Weekend America also helped me figure out the first CD to play in my new place--something I haven't been taking lightly, even though in the long run it really doesn't matter. I'm blessing this place with music right now: my favorite Ravel: Piano Concerto in G.