Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Thu Oct 11 09:24:01 2001

Half step... Took my car to ford, they can't fix it until tomorrow, but at least were able to cut off the dangling mirror. Step back... Talked to parents, and agreed *grumble* not to interact with the preachers for 'a bit', whatever that means. Step... Looking forward to sleep shortly. ???... Is the OSU EE job going to pan out? Should I email my contact regarding it? Maybe not directly regarding the topic, giving him a choice if he wants to tell me something about it? Or maybe I'll just wait.

Temporal personal divergence How far back in time could I go and meet the me of then and find them tolerable? Would it be a smooth transition from tolerable to irritation, or would it be rough? I wonder. Oh well. Gonna go grab a light snack, and then do some heavy-duty snoozing. Maybe when I wake up, I'll listen to some of the audio CDs the Islamic people were handing out on the oval, and then perhaps head out to a coffeeshop or something. Leon is supposed to hang out with me tonight at Hounddogs, if he remembers. If not, perhaps I'll call Tom and see what he's up to.