Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Sat Dec 22 05:48:26 2001

Pachelbel is dead, and isn't writing new music. And yet, in a sense, his Canon is a perfect archetype for a particular type of song. I said something similar to this to someone about two months ago, about a song which I only heard a particular 10 second snippet of through Amazon's song preview thingy. Now I have the whole song. Hedwig, on DVD. And yes, I think I was right. I've also heard other songs that belong with Pachelbel, one by a group called (unless I got it mixed up with another artist name) Blues Traveler. Certain melodic styles. "Wig in a box" shares that certain, almost overly sweet taste, the melody that could stand alone but is enriched by properly chosen others. Hmm. That life.

Can I imagine the people I know who have such a flavorful life standing alone? Could those who are mostly alone still have the same essense if with others? Where would they be, if they were scooped up from here, placed elsewhere on the planet, shorn of possessions, with return verboten? The different friends they would have, the different shape of their life, the different things they would acquire. What would things be, the dice rerolled? The past unraveled.. Lain or Brazil. Strange endings.

I think musicals have an effect on me that is far stronger than alcohols can be. A musical, new to me. I obsess, eventually start to listen to other things too, and then eventually it just slides into my daily routine. The shape of the future is like this. A pattern for patterns. Will this pattern hold?