Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Fri Dec 28 15:27:28 2001

The past. A profound sense of shame. These things belong together. We must only hope that humanity can do better. Your race. My race. Our less distant ancestors. They all were pretty nasty people. Humanity must leave race behind, forgetting it, burying it among the other things of our shameful past. Celebration of heritage is counterproductive and will emphasize race and pride. The same goes for nations. I have no special claim to this or any other country because of a nonfunctional accident of birth. I bear no special guilt or pride because of my ancestors. I feel no special connection to Americans in general, and instead judge people by the degree of presence of attributes that I consider good. Toss aside your heritage and bloodlines -- if you looked at them with open eyes and full knowledge you would no doubt be ashamed of them anyhow.

A plea. Don't ever defend your culture as a whole. Take what is good from it, be open to seeing the bad, and move forward to transform all society everywhere into something new with the stuff you admire from many sources. All existing culture as it lives now must die, and getting territorial about where we are now is counterproductive. In the end, the only causes to battle over will be values, an open and honest battle, cleared of the fog of culture and race.