Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Jan 30 03:04:41 2002
Shared experiences?

I wonder if there's anything that's truly in common between all, or at least the vast majority, of humanity. One candicate is sleeptime, which is considerably biological. Probably everyone around here has their awake-times delimited by sleep, with more or less 10 hours of sleep being the delimiter. Whatever we do, whenever those tiems happen to fall, the vast majority of us share the experience of getting tired, and eventually moving to submit ourselves to the common sleep urge. And then, several hours later, pulling ourselves, often with a groan, up, and starting a day. This routine, plus some somewhat less universal things shared by (and sometimes between) cultures, are what seems to define much of our human experience. The first trip to the toilet after waking up, the cleansing of the mouth (and possibly the rest of the body), the wiping of crud from our eyes. Biology contributes so much. I wonder what we would be with a different set of biological constraints. I wonder if there are many changes in perspective that would come out of mere changes in these commonalities. I, for one, will claim that the basic nature of intelligence in its simplest form is highly convergent -- the ability/urge to understand and adapt to regularities in one's environment. However, life has so much more flavor or character that is outside, or in other cases only moderately influenced by this urge. There is much room for variance in intelligent beings.

Incidentally, furnishing an apartment is expensive. Little things add up. Big things add up even faster. I learned today that I might be mismanaging my money -- I'm putting far too much money in checking, and not enough in savings. I also need to head to the bank, apply for my own credit card, and get my check address updated. I figure I'll take care of it the next time I get a paycheck -- today I deposited a paycheck, so that'll be in two weeks.

Finally, here's a sappy thing simple learnings in life through metaphors