Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Fri Mar 22 00:17:19 2002
Wasted days

Thursday was a complete waste. My illness reached the point where I was unable to go to work, so I was forced to use one of my precious vacation days. I'm feeling mildly better now, but I very much doubt that I'll be making my usual trip to outland tomorrow. Symptoms include a fever (not sure how high -- I don't have a thermometer here), stuffy nose/sinuses, headache, extreme thirst, eyes that hurt, complete lack of hunger, and mild, continual dizziness. What a miserable day. It's odd -- a few hours into it, I had forgotten what it was like not to feel this. It seemed unimaginable to not have this illness. Now that I'm feeling a bit better, that perception has faded. Still, it's odd.

Actually, I have some appetite right now.. I might order food. It's a pity that, as far as I know, there's noplace that will deliver a soup at this time of night..

I wonder... how much of people's everyday lives is wasted. No fighting for an important cause, no enjoyment, just routine duty. Bertrand Russel wrote a really good book called In praise of Idleness. I strongly recommend reading it.. and if you're in columbus, it's available in my atheist lending library project. I was reading a book on Wednesday evening, and happened to turn on the TV. I usually end up flipping it back off unless Leno, Conan, or Law and Order catches my eye. In this case, it was the last. There was a show about environmentalists burning down a building that was built over a beautiful community garden. They made an oops, and one person was inside the building and was killed by the fire. I sympathize with them. Not enough to band with them on that particular issue though -- it is sad when beauty is destroyed in pursuit of money.. but violence is only really warranted when the environment itself is threatened. I will not coerce to stop humanity from building itself a tartarus on earth, but when something pollutes or wastes a long-term resource for trivial gain, I might consider it.