Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Mon Apr 8 23:39:42 2002
Getting thin

Recently in my life, I've had a desire to toss away my possessions, and live with less stuff. This isn't likely to happen in the full way that I might want (I have other wants too), but I'm now in the mood to get rid of unneeded stuff, and free up cash. Enter EBay and Half.com. I'm going to be selling a lot of the books I have that I don't like, and the electronic gizmos I have that are not generally useful nor useful to me. Somehow, I feel relieved at this. Goodbye stuff. Eventually, I will have left only books that I actually like, and the computer stuff I want, and the furniture and other accessories I need for a happy life. Lots of books arn't inherently bad, but lots of books one doesn't like is irritating.