Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Tue Jun 18 00:26:09 2002
Gut changes

I had some pizza tonight. It's strange how, before having any, I had a deep craving for its taste and feel, and then, after eating many pieces, the thought of eating more disgusts me. I wonder if this is like the oddity people feel when they're pregnant, and get strange urges. We like to think of our will as constant, but it's a sham. Are we the same person from day to day? No. Our moments may be the same, only our memories distinguish us. Still, there's nothing magic about it -- the memories are just data, just bits in a register. I wonder, with the quantum entanglement advances made, could a system be constructed that would have a beautiful way of 'knowing' certain kinds of things, immediately knowing if it would change? A certain kind of limited omniscience would be quite amusing. Humanity builds a god.