Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Mon Apr 7 08:11:31 2003
Caspian Sea

I just woke up. I remember, being asleep, dreaming about geography of the areas around Russia. Specifically, I remember some kind of tactical thinking about the caspean sea, and a whole bunch of points in Russia that were especially Russian, or had a military presence, or something like that. Oddly, the dream made a big deal about the Caspian sea, and when I woke up, I found myself wondering if there really was a Caspian sea -- I figured that I might've drawn that old C.S. Lewis Narnia series into my dream, and gotten the name from there. But.. no, it turns out that apparently in my dream, I had gotten the placement of the Caspian sea correctly, something I never would've known while awake, except maybe as one of those "how the foo did I know that" Jeopardy moments. It's just kind of strange.

The clocks shifted again. I'm sure I've ranted about how much I dislike daylight savings time (well, not the time under the switch, but the fact that there is one), so I won't repeat myself. Still, I'm left much more sleepy than I should be, and I actually should be at work right now. Gah!

Still, my life has been going very well for the last week or so, on all fronts. I've been doing some fun database stuff at work, and now feel confident about knowing all the guts of how CGIs and databases can be friends. I knew it in theory before, but it's nice to know it in practice. Next, when I get time, I'd like to do some stuff with servlets, JSPs, and all that new-fangled Java stuff. I really want to learn Java and Ruby. Oh, and Debb got me an awesome cog sci book on modeling memory in the brain. A nice taste of what's to come. Finally, I've been having a lot of fun on PerlMonks in my spare time. It reminds me a bit of what NoWonder was. Hmm. NoWonder .. I'd like to restart that, or something very much like it, if I can get a server colocated somewhere.

Finally, I've been thinking a bit about rewriting my netdiary code so that the URLs of individual entries won't keep changing all the time. If you notice, each page of entries has a name like summary2.html. The most recent is just summary, the next most recent is summary2, and so on. Well, considering that I'm adding new entries at the top (as it should be, unless I do some time traveling), that means that an arbitrary entry keeps being pushed to a higher number summary. That's not so good, because web spiders can't index the netdiary and be sure things will stay the same. I haven't touched the code for quite some time, and so I've been thinking a lot about other ways to manage pages. Should I have a page for individual entries? Should I wait until I get colocated, and allow comments? Hmm.

Finally, Debb has a webjournal too now.

Off to work!