Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Sun May 18 06:41:58 2003
Crack of eye

I'm awake and hungry at 6. Hmm... some thoughts.

I don't think I've mentioned this idea on the web yet -- if I have, it's not in my journal (I know, thanks to grep car * | grep -v html | cut -d: -f1 | uniq | xargs cat | less ) Road rage might be curable -- cars need to be more expressive. No, they don't need hands or anything, but they need the capability to say "Oops", "Thanks", and perhaps indicate better what they're trying to do. I think that it's the inability to express these kinds of things that creates an environment where people see their fellow drivers as arrogant and unwielding. It's easy to get pissed off when driving (driving style is a very personal thing, and is very expressive of one's personality, skill, and age). However, I know that if I were caught behind someone I know in real life, who I happen to respect, I wouldn't be nearly as likely to honk as I would at a stranger.

In general, the government tends to keep it's thumb relatively out of culture. I think this is a good thing, although it would be interesting to imagine, in theory, the things it might do if it were more involved in setting custom.

I would like a guitar or a harp. A piano or bass would also be fun, but a piano would be way too big, expensive, and hard to move when I do, and a bass just isn't that fun without people to jam with. Maybe I need someone to jam with. Anyhow, I could just imagine sitting on my next year's porch, strumming the guitar and singing.

Oh, yes, here's the address for next year: 5544 Hobart Street Pittsburgh, PA 15217-1967

The Zipcode is courtesy of mapquest. Hmm.. and I included the last part of the zipcode just for fun. What is that thing though? Do people actually use it? I should probably ask google or something.

Oh, just so it's known what moving soon will do to me, one of the things it'll do is ruin my uptimes :) Computers (apart from laptops) don't sleep, and so I have a number of computers that have been up, without need for a reboot, for quite some time. Let me brag:

holly: 144 days. This is my secondary workstation, an x86/Linux box forrester: 148 days. This is my primary workstation, an Alpha/Linux box torgo: 254 days. This is my NFS/Print server, an x86/Linux box kryten: 91 days. This is my router, an x86/OpenBSD box

None of my other systems are up -- most of them arn't even here. So, why those dates? 144/148 days ago is .. about 5 months ago. I have no idea why I turned off or rebooted them, within a span of a week, back then. Maybe their UPS's were failing during one of the power failures back then. Torgo's been up for a very long time. 8 1/2 months.. almost as long as I've been here. Perhaps this is because I don't use it interactively (so I don't bother updating it), and because it's sitting in a corner where I don't need to move it and won't accidentally bother it. As for kryten, I occasionally reboot it when the connection goes down and it has trouble bringing it back up. I'd bet that 3 months ago, that's what happened. Of course, I've written some scripts since that help me keep the network up.

I guess those uptimes are going to be reset soon -- I'll need to turn them off to move them (unless I care enough about uptime that I try to move them while they're powered by their UPS's .. no, I don't care that much).

Ahh, yes. Yesterday. I went to the waterfront and read for awhile, like I planned. I then went to Target and got some stationary (including scissors), and then went to my favorite spot in Schenley to run the loop once. Gaia decided to gift me with rain. I liked it. I can hardly wait to live next to that wonderful park starting next month. Shadyside is too far from beauty. So, afterwards I went to Starbucks, and with my tea, I sat there for about 3 hours, reading, writing, and thinking about the group. As soon as I decide on a name, I can set up a mailing list and get started. I'm irritated though -- I really need a name first, as otherwise the mailing list will either be misnamed or need a renaming, both of which are a pain. I really don't want to think about this kinda thing though -- I wanna get started! Oh well. I then went home, put some effort into my webpage (didn't put any of the changes up), and started refamiliarizing myself with my netdiary code so I can fix the reordering problem. It actually should be pretty easy.

Not sure what I'm gonna do today. I could follow the activities list I made earlier, or I might just go to the bookstore/park, and have what's emerging as my 'standard day'. It depends on how intellectually and physically "high energy" I feel.

Latest spam irritant: random_gibberish@yahoo/aol.com I think the world would be a better place if people would literally hunt down and arsonize spammers. No, it's not actually practical, or really necessarily very just or proper, but it's my dream...

Speaking of dreams, I think I had a really boring dream about peas and carrots last night.