Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed May 28 12:53:32 2003
It's back

However, if you really like, the offline notice page still exists. I didn't make all the changes I'd like to, but I have plenty of time to finish later. I won't have the inclination to do it really soon though. More on that later. Here's what stuff means (maybe it should go in a key on the top?):

Anyhow, today's gonna be a busy day. I get the keys to the new place, need to transfer the electric bill, call verizon to get phone and DSL transferred (telerama's DSL is too expensive), and make about 20 other phone calls and online changes. I'm gonna move a lot of stuff today, and then there's Zets. Chances are decent that I'll be up very very very late tonight making car trips, and even more so for much of the rest of the week. Although I'm unlikely to ever end up as insanely busy as certain people I've known, I think my weeks are working out to be pleasantly interesting. Tomorrow, I meet more local atheists/agnostics, another step forward towards pulling a group together. May this molasses turn to water, or at least honey.

I'm looking forward to IKEA soon, and Cowtown this weekend.

I found another copy of my explanatory which goes on a little longer than the one I found the first time. It has some stuff that's even more private than the general content of that ancient tome. Software/Data archaeology is fun.

Recently, instead of philosophy, short stories have been my main product when I write. Hmm.

Things I want to do:

Oh, on the topic of quizzes, the philosophy group last night wandered onto the very interesting topic of point-based admissions. I generally think they're a good idea, with appropriate weights, but it's not something I've ever thought of as an issue before. After the group, I met with some evangelicals who hang out there around that time, and we had some fascinating discussions on cultural moores, morality, and the like. One of the guys, surprisingly, put forth substantial parts of my argument for me -- not a very vanilla christian. The topic there then drifted to relationships, the world's favorite disaster story topic. I again am reminded how unfaithful some guys are, and how messed up things can get in such situations.

Confirmed plans to meet Dawon and Lorie this weekend. Jeff is a maybe -- depends on when I arrive. Haven't called Amanda or Aug yet. I should.

Off I go. As you might guess, I don't always write my entries' portions in linear order.