Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Thu Jun 5 17:37:37 2003
Emu and a rat

If I have this, why can't I just continue my diary normally? Well, the way I added the 'offline' page to my diary was akin to ... hmm. Imagine there were a word processing document that you were responsible for. Most of the time, you mail it to someone, they mail it back with their changes, etc. Then, you mail it to Mary, and your computer is down for repairs. However, Mary isn't a computery person -- she prints it and deletes the electronic copy. She then scribbles over the printout. That's great .. except she isn't updating the real thing, and when you get your computer up and running again, you'll need to manually implement her changes for her. That's what I'm doing, essentially -- I can't access the authoritative entries (they're on holly, which is dead and even were it not dead, it's on a network that's not on the internet). The web is just a printout -- it's in a very different and considerably less flexible form than things are on my home system. So ... I can jot on it, but any changes I make are just more trouble for me. So, I thought today, I'll just start another journal, link it from the old one, and re-merge them when my home network and systems are back and healthy. Yay.