Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Fri Jun 6 10:44:45 2003
Hug the Earth

Sharon appears to have made some surprising comprimises, under pressure from Washington. Abbas is interested in talks, but Hamas, feeling that he has comprimised too much, appears to be opposing him. Sharon's getting pretty fierce opposition within Likud. I imagine this is all about the settlers, the 'right of return', and the distribution of authority. I read that the settlers have been pretty vocal in opposing Sharon's recent moves. I find their existence infuriating. Burn down their settlements, and toss them in prison, that's what I'd do. Alas, I'm not in charge of Israel/Palestine (and I doubt I'd be a popular leader -- I'd rip that star right out of the flag, among other things)

On the way to work today, I was listening to Islamic propoganda handed out by the MSA at Ohio State, years ago, on CD. It seems to be pretty high quality stuff -- apart from using a lot of phrases in Arabic, the guy on the CD seems to do a lot better of a job of pushing the faith than most Christians I've seen. Propoganda is an interesting tool. People should study it more...

I think I've found the best way to get to/from home -- it avoids walking on roads and avoids the golf course, and takes me on some pretty trails. I can't run it like I ran to my old place, and I'll consider it a great testament to my health when I can. I pass CMU's analogue to mirror lake on the way .. I'll stop and sit sometime.

When I get the money to get a GPS, I'm going to start GeoCaching It looks like a nice mix of geekiness and outdoorsiness, and .. well, it just looks so cool. Like a mix of hiking, hide'n'seek, gift exchange, and gadgetry. It's worldwide, so you, my dear reader, wherever you are, can join in the fun.

Oh, also on the way to work today, I spotted some papers that must've fallen out of somebody's backpack. It included poetry. I was going to keep it, not having spotted a name, but then I saw one last paper that did have a name on it. So, I guess I'll hunt the person down (there's schoolwork included, so it's probably important to them).

Yesterday, I met with someone from an online matchmaking service for lunch. It looks like we're going to be just friends, but that's ok with me -- it's good to have friends. There's also a Mike from Zets that I met in the last meeting, and he reminds me a bit of Dubin.. perhaps I'll pursue a friendship with him as well. One odd thing I've noticed about my conversations with different people -- there are some people I just tend to get nervous around, and others who have a calming effect on me. I wonder if there's a common thread in who they are, what I'm looking for from them, or their personality that tends to evoke such things in me.

One person I've been chatting with on AIM asked me if I'm really over Debb. That's a good question -- I have no idea how I could tell. I could just say 'yes' or 'no', but that would be more of a 'promise' kind of thing than an accurate statement of fact, given that I'm still searching for a method to know. It even makes me wonder if I was over Martha when I started dating Debb. I don't know -- it still hurt at that time, but my love for Debb pretty quickly ended my love for Martha. Will it be that way when I start to date someone new? Maybe. I'm certainly looking.

My quote of the day is "All the power in the world is useless when it's pointed in the wrong direction". I like it. It has a certain buddhist flavour to it -- determination and strength may be useful at times, but their presence is not to be admired when they're used in the service of something stupid. Of course, Buddhism is kind of two-sided on intelligence -- there are both big intellectual and anti-intellectual movements in the philosophy. Oh well, off the point :)

I really hope verizon gives me DSL back soon, and that the CPU fans for holly arrive soon -- there's probably a lot of email that I haven't responded to yet but was in my inbox at home. I'm presently working out of a seperate inbox that I created almost a year ago..

My new place is shaping up so well. However, I've discovered two problems that will probably always be irritants while I live here. Firstly, the parking situation sucks -- I need to park on the street, and typically all the good spots near where I live are taken. I'm thinking of asking one of the few neighbors with driveways and stuff if I can rent place to park my car behind their homes. Secondly, there's a faint septic smell in the basement. I don't need to go down there very often, but it's still a bad smell. Oh well, at least it doesn't waft up :)

Back to work...