Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Jul 2 16:30:10 2003
End of the line for netdiary 2.x

I have my virtual server set up, and that means that I'm going to be reworking a lot of my website to take advantage of the additional power available when one controls a webserver and a database and all that fun stuff. A lot is gonna change, but here's the most immediate. Netdiary 2.x is now a dead-end, and I'll soon be starting work on 3.x. I'm probably going to start from scratch, although I'll keep backwards-compatibility in mind. Netdiary 3.x will have logins (and thus guests), comments, and customizable views of the entries, allowing readers to pick their own colors and topics to see or omit. It *might* get a web interface for making entries, I'm not sure. Entries will be stored inside both Postgres and seperate flat files on the filesystem, and depending on what I decide, I might keep the ability to generate flat html for those of you who arn't lucky enough to have access to a webserver with a database. I guess this means that the code will split into a client and a server (CGI) part.

Hmm. I might add the ability for per-pageload random quotes too. Hmmmmmm... Oh well.