Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Jul 9 15:33:43 2003
It's just a matter of preference

Why would you want to use bash when you should be perfectly happy with an ancient version of ksh? It's just a matter of preference. -- Paraphrased from Mitch McLeod, filtered through 2 years storage in my memory

Why indeed?

Why would you want to drive a 2003 accord when you already have a 1970s rustbucket? It's just a matter of preference.

Why would you want to have an axe to cut some lumber when you already have a good pocketknife? It's just a matter of preference.

Beware that phrase -- things that are 'just preference' often arn't. Generally the phrase is used by people who suspect that the reason they're being pushed to do something is for a desire for them to have a happier existence with a proposed change, and the phrase in that case means that they'd be happier with the way things are, and that the other person is not sufficiently understanding of the information about them and what they like to judge what they'd be happiest in the end using/doing. That's a fine complaint. However, people come to use it by habit whenever they're dealt with that kind of situation, regardless of if it's appropriate or not. There are often other factors in play.

Just like when people think it's fine to be rude to people, because the "customer is always right", I feel that people who abuse this phrase need to be stomped on. Argh, I can't stand it when people do that "customer is always right thing", and when I see people doing it, I am happy to ignore the normal social barriers, enter the conversation, and call said customer an idiot, somethin the salesperson would dearly love to do, but cannot because of the stupid 'roll over and take it' attitude most businesses enforce.

Anyhow, no real reason for this rant -- my brain was being stirred by IRC. The conference is going well -- the convention floor has hopened, and I got some good swag. Maybe I'll get more tomorrow. :) I also have been talking to hardware vendors about amd64 systems for work.

Ahh, yes, in the news: Canada is selling medical marijuana (yay) BushJr was forced to swallow his claim about Iraq trying to get nuclear materials (heh) Abbas is on a bumpy road (Interesting) My email/webpage is transitioning faster than I would've thought.. Gah!

Later, taters!