Time Heals All Wounds.. And Then Kills the Patient
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Wed Jul 23 00:49:55 2003
Midnight Olives

I couldn't sleep, so I programmed. I finished up with the time-related stuff. Here, take a look:

pgunn=# select * from timeimage;

timeid |  name   | starttime | stoptime |             imageurl              
     1 | Dawn    |         0 |      359 | http://localhost/time_dawn.jpg
     2 | Morning |       360 |      719 | http://localhost/time_morning.jpg
     3 | Evening |       720 |     1079 | http://localhost/time_evening.jpg
     4 | Dusk    |      1080 |     1440 | http://localhost/time_dusk.jpg
(4 rows)

Not a terrible way to handle this stuff, and if I make new pictures so I have more than 4 times, I can easily upload them without changing any code. More importantly, it works. At some point, I'll probably BLOB-ize those images so they don't actually live on the filesystem. If I ever open my blogging software to others running it on MY system (a possibility), perhaps each user will have their own time icons. At that point, I'll need to create a new journalowner table, and create a foreign key from here into there. It'd actually be pretty easy. Of course, anyone will be free to download my code and run it on their sites. The only reason it's not up now is that I don't want to be repackaging it anytime I make a little change, and it's still fluid to the point where I don't care at all if I lose everything in my test databases, or need to redo some stuff that means reimporting everything.

However, at this point, after I check the security stuff, and get both the retrieval of entries to a file and the backup command working, I'll start using it for everyday journaling, and stop using netdiary. One of the other things pushing me to get this new version working is that it takes way too long to upload all the static html files via scp every time I make a new entry :)

Oh, some stuff: Pics someone else took from the Hypatia Gathering Grab a full mp3 track, legally, from Firewater's latest CD

Finally, an irritant: Sites that use other sites for images and javascript, except the other sites are unreliable so it breaks EVERYONE who uses their services every so often. Yahoo is broken for me right now thanks to yimg.com.